Sometimes responsive web sites takes more time to load in mobile browser. To boost the loading speed & performance, Google introduced the new approach for mobile websites knows as AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages. This is the major innovation in the world of internet; AMP pages are faster, quick read and Carousel that affects in the search engine results and the higher ranking factor. The AMP pages are just a normal HTML pages with couple of extra features & restrictions. Each AMP page has a custom javascript library that delivers optimum performance by validating and adding new elements in our markup.

Impact on SEOs and SERPs:
When user open website from mobile browser and the website is not optimized for a mobile device then the user will be bounces from the site. It affects a lot in business and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well which generate a negative impact on where the slow loading or non mobile optimized website will appear in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Softcare provides solution to boost the loading speed of your website and by building strutured and optimized website.